The Drama Mob Comes to Didsbury

The Drama Mob Comes to Didsbury

UPDATE - additional Saturday morning classes will now run 9.50am -10.50am for children aged 7-11, starting 2nd FEBRUARY at The Parsonage. Call 07971 159097 for more information or to make bookings.


The Drama Mob is a brand new venture, set up by friends Tina and Esther, to enable children to be creative and exploratory in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The classes are to be held in the newly refurbished Parsonage Building within Parsonage Gardens next to The Didsbury pub. Classes will start on Tuesday 15th for children aged 4-11. Classes will be one hour in length and will run initially from 4.00pm - 5.00pm. (An additional session, from 5.00pm - 6.00pm, will be added if there is the demand). There will also be a Saturday class from 10.00am - 12 noon. Please note that places will be quite limited as Tina & Esther feel that smaller groups mean more one on one time with the children to help develop their confidence and team building skills.

The classes cost £7.50 and there is a 20% discount for siblings. To make a booking, email or call 07971 159097. You can also follow The Drama Mob on Twitter -

About The Drama Mob...

"My name is Tina and live in Didsbury with my four year old daughter. I've been involved in acting from a young age and started attending drama classes when I was ten. I've been very fortunate to be able to follow my love of acting into adulthood and started acting professionally for tv and theatre from the age of thirteen.

I felt that my daughter would benefit from attending a drama class to encourage confidence building and self esteem but most classes advertised in the local area seemed to be quite big companies that followed a very intense structure, whereas I was looking for something much more child friendly where the emphasis was on smaller tailor made classes in a safe and nurturing environment to help a young child's imagination flourish.

I started talking to my very close friend Esther Morgan, and we quickly realised it was something that we would love to offer the local children of Didsbury and the surrounding areas and decided to set up our own drama classes. We have been childhood friends for eighteen years - Esther is a primary school teacher specialising in early years and has been working in schools in manchester for the past eight years.

We really feel that together we can offer a drama class that will be fun and exciting but that also encourages the development of the children's acting abilities through drama games improvisation and for the older children script work and camera acting/stage work

And, that's how The Drama Mob was born. Get your child involved - you never know where it might lead!

The Drama Mob, Didsbury

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